Continually working since 2000, Veit/Prieur/Fischer developed a unique band sound, incorporating elements of no wave, post punk, hardcore and free jazz, all held together by a trashy playing approach. The trio's trademark is a vital interplay with complex grooves and interlocking textures, played with outstanding energy, but there's also quiet moments with a lot of space for delicate sound colours and sonorities.

"Abstract rock and pure energy transports us to the best days of free electric jazz."
("Klappe auf", Karlsruhe)

Cornelius Veit

cornelius veit

The main work of the in Pforzheim based guitarist consists of free improvisation, including influences from jazz, rock, free, noise and experimental music. Thereby Veit is active in really different operating groups. Beside Veit/Prieur/Fischer there should be mentioned the Trio Vopá and Das kleine Schwerkrafttrio.

Eugen Prieur

eugen prieur

Lives in Landau. For years, Prieur was in contact with a lot of musicians from the Rhein-Main area and the southern part of germany (concerts e.g. with Dirk Marwedel & Nikola Lutz). As a guitar- and bass-player he is rooted in Rock-Music, but more than that his playing style contains elements from (Free) Jazz and noisy Improvised Music.

Jörg Fischer

jörg fischer

Drummer Jörg Fischer is a member of the Kooperative New Jazz Wiesbaden. He plays in several ensembles in which he focusses on free jazz, but also enjoys playing more open, fragile and nuanced improvised music. Some newer projects he's involved in cross the line furthermore into "experimental" noisy rock-territory. His playing can be heard on several CDs featuring year-long comrades and occasional collaborators like Georg Wolf, Christof Thewes, Uwe Oberg, Matthias Schubert, Peter Brötzmann, Frank Paul Schubert and Olaf Rupp, to name a few.